Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What is

3dstock is one of the largest 2d and 3D model archives on the web. Here you will see professional, quality cuts and 3D models

Whether you are an architect interiror designer 3D models or a graphic designer, 3dstock is the place for you.

Why choose
3D stock, 3D model with specially prepared category system, pictures and so on. You can easily find all jobs. Cheap and quality products. You will find all quality and up-to-date design models and everything you need for your projects. We are expanding our daily archive.
You can also sell your products on our platform.

How do I register with
You can do this by clicking the „SIGN IN adaki button on the main page.

Can I download 3dmodel for free?
After registering, the 3dmodel key will be used regularly. You can download it for free or after payment.

Can I use the 3dstock archive for commercial purposes?
Yes, you can use our pictures for private, educational and commercial work.


Can you download all 3D and discrete images?
After registration 3dmodel, png files can cut free download. You can download paid ones after paying.

What is a file format?
PNG cutouts (raster images with transparent background, ready for use in any visualization).
3dmodel, 3dmax 2015-, 2018 format, FBX format, (vray, corona)
You can see the file properties on the file page.

How often do you update your database?
Every week you can find the new archive in our database.

How do I use's products?
You can use them in both private and commercial visualizations and other graphic projects. However, our product cannot be sold on its own. For more information, read the License Agreement in the Terms and Conditions.


What is the delivery method?
After registration, you can download our normal 3d model and cut the pictures. Available immediately after purchasing one

Which payment methods can I use?
We accept payment via IYZICO,  UPT,   (for russia country) Checkout. Accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards

Where can I get an invoice for my payment?
You will receive an email with a billing link to the email address you used to make the payment.

Does keep records of my credit card information?
No, 3dstock can't access your credit card information.

What is your refund policy?
Each 3dstock subscription can be canceled within 4 days from the date of purchase. You can send us an email at

Can I use your products after they are returned?
Access to 3dstock products was completed with a completed refund process. After refund, the customer can not use the products.


How do I change my password, email address, or other personal data?
You can change this in the Profile menu (My Account → Account Information).

Can I share my account with others?

Only one person can own and use each account. Your subscription will be canceled indefinitely if it is found to be downloaded by others.

Can I sell my 3d model and image files that I have produced from you?
Yes If you want you can market your products on our 3dstock web page. As a reseller you need to register and send our products to us with the features we want.
We will do marketing and promotion for you.

How do I delete my account and the products I add?
You can delete the products you added from your control panel. When you delete all your account will not appear on our page.

Will I determine the prices of the products I add?
Yes, you can determine the price of the products that you have formed and you want to sell. We'il guide you.

What will I earn from the products sold?
14-30 percent of the products sold will receive commission. The other amount will be added to your account.

How can I increase my earnings?
Can commission rates increase?

Our commission rate for the top 100 products for adding products is 30 percent
that is, 70 percent of the sold price will be credited to your account.

When your product number is 250+, our commission rate is 25 percent
In other words, 75 percent of the price of the product sold will be credited to your account.

When your product number is 500+, our commission rate is 15 percent
In other words, 85 percent of the price of the product sold will be credited to your account.

How do I withdraw money from my account?
With the step of withdrawal from your account step, you can send your money to you. Taxes and money transfer charges will be charged to your account.
We accept withdraw via Payooner,  IYZICO,  UPT,   (for russia country)


How can I collaborate with
You can contact us for your special orders and requests at

Can I follow your social media?
You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

Couldn't find an answer?
Contact us at