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Table Simple coffee table. V-Ray 3.0, 3ds Max2014
Table Alberto Salotti design
Interior scene
Interior scene Photoreal interior full scene in 3ds Max + V-Ray 3ds Max 2014 V-Ray 3.0
ALRIK IKEA Chair High poly ALRIK IKEA Chair 3d model. 3ds Max 2011, 2014, FBX and texture files are in zip archieve. Materials for V-Ray 3.0
Laminate and carpet
Laminate and carpet High resolution textures of diffuse, bump and specular. Max 2014 + V-Ray and FBX formats. Multitexture plugin and FloorGenerator script are recomended.
Exterior. 2 buildings in Sochi
Exterior. 2 buildings in Sochi Exterior scene, building 3D models + environement. Architectural visualization of residential complex in Sochi on the sea. ForestPack plugin needs. Size 623MB. More than site limit. The download link is in archieve. All textures are included.
Photorealistic Interior
Photorealistic Interior Full scene with material, objects and lighting. You need a multitexture plugin to render it. V-Ray 3.0 3ds Max 2014
TV Table
TV Table Table for TV from Alberto Salotti