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3dStock.org - is a rapidly growing resource where 3D artists can exchange, sell and buy cheap 3D models. Our experiments shows that these prices provides the biggest revenue which includes amount of sell multiplied on price.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring 3d artists all over the world together. To give everyone an opportunity to make an asset from 3d models, to get money every day and to have an opportunity to get any 3d model in a low price, ever made by someone before.


If the model is simple, our moderators make it free, if the model is quite good and was made professionally, it becomes a fix price one Credit. Credit is an internal website currency. You can buy one Credit for 3$ or up to 50 Credits for $120 ($2.4 per credit). You also can buy unlimited tarif. Sellers get from 50% up to 65% from every sale.

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I present to you the first international resource for sharing Low Cost 3D models. What is it unique? He translated into a number of languages. It allows the most profitable to sell your 3D models. Suppose you have modeled the chair and put it at the price of $ 20 per download, it downloaded a year 3 people and you have earned $ 60 (excluding commissions), or you have posted his own but for $ 3, and downloaded it to 600 people, you have earned $ 1800 . On our site set a fixed price for the 3d model, which eliminates dumping and allows you to compete just as. $ 3 - this is the optimal price for 3D visualizers in terms of buying and selling. It's easier to pay $ 3 than to find a model on a torrent, maybe even in bad quality. $ 3 is a small amount for 3D visualizer anywhere in the world that provides mass. $ 3 it is also 3Dollars. Today, life began to exist, but the site has a lot to be finalized. Joint efforts it will be number one on the internet for the sale of 3D models. And it will not be a monopoly with frantic prices. Any 3D specialist, capable of producing high-quality models can earn good money through this website. Now resource insufficient 3d models to attract customers and keep them on the site, and that is what is in your hands. Once the resource typed 500+ 3d models, it does not matter, pro or free, worldwide advertising campaign on this site will be launched. And the first 500 models will receive a larger number of downloads, the best history and rating. All the first 100 users to unload or bought at least one model will be given the status of Gold. This status gives you the maximum sales commission and the priority in the search. On gold users, we earn only 10% (including advertising site without which, of course, impossible to sell) After registering, you will be surprised how many opportunities conceals this site.